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Hey everyone, it’s Ryu from Impala Accountants. I’m currently filming from Pacific Long Beach in Japan, where I’ve come with my family to spend a month working and giving my kids a cultural experience.

While we’ve only been here for three days, I want to share a little bit about what’s happened so far. It took us a day to get here from the airport, and we missed a bunch of trains due to my kids mucking around. We missed our first train, which meant we had to wait another 40 minutes to catch the next one. And because of that, we missed our transfer, resulting in us waiting another hour or so for the next bullet train to arrive.

This got me thinking about trade businesses and how easily dead time can creep in, wasting precious billable hours. If you’re a trade business owner, scheduling your day is crucial to minimizing dead time and maximizing billable hours.

By scheduling work close to each other, you can make a massive difference in your profitability over time. If you’re doing two or three jobs in a day, try to schedule them close to each other to avoid wasting time travelling between jobs.

Implementing these scheduling strategies can ensure that your business is running at maximum efficiency, improving your bottom line and growth potential. Don’t let dead time impact your profits!

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