3 Critical Issues Specific to Healthcare Businesses

Are you a healthcare professional who feels anxious at the mere mention of financial management and tax obligations? If the thought of juggling the numbers and regulations while providing top-notch patient care makes your heart race, you’re not alone. But fear not—this post is all about turning that anxiety into mastery. Over the years, we’ve […]

Shocking $40M GST Fraud Exposed: How One Business Scammed the System

Introduction GST fraud has become a heated topic of discussion within the accounting community. Recently, I stumbled upon an intriguing story that shed light on a rather simple yet cunning scheme. This particular business was involved in the purchase of gold bullion, which they would then scrap and sell. However, a twist to their operation […]

What Christmas party expenses can you claim with the ATO?

Christmas Party Expenses

Introduction: Christmas is here, and what better way to celebrate than with a festive Christmas party? It’s a time to gather with your staff, associates, and clients, reflecting on another successful year in your business. However, while you’re busy reveling in the holiday spirit, there’s someone else who’s equally excited about this time of year—the […]

How to issue equity in your business to partners or key staff

As a business owner, the thought of issuing equity to key staff members or a new business partner as part of your growth or succession strategy has likely crossed your mind. It’s a significant step that can ensure the longevity of your company while also rewarding those who have contributed to its success. Just this […]

Understanding the Difference Between GST Errors and GST Fraud: A Comprehensive Guide

GST Fraud or Errors

Introduction The world of Goods and Services Tax (GST) can be confusing, can’t it? You might feel a bit nervous whenever you have to file your Business Activity Statements (BAS). Trust us; you’re not alone in this. There are countless small and medium-sized business owners like you who are unsure about the differences between GST […]

Unleashing Exponential Growth: The 5-Way Growth Formula Your Business Needs

Unleashing Exponential Growth

Introduction Are you a business owner striving for growth but feeling a little stuck? We get you. There’s a symphony of thoughts playing in your head—more customers, higher sales, larger profits—and yet, you don’t know where you are headed. You’re craving for a roadmap, and what if we told you that exponential growth is achievable […]

Decoding Breakeven Analysis: Your GPS for Financial Stability in Product and Service Sales

Decoding Break even Analysis

Introduction: The Weight on Your Shoulders We get it—managing a business is tough. You’re the Jack-of-all-trades, balancing operations, customer service, perhaps even manufacturing, and then there’s that nagging thought: “When will I start making money?” Whether you’re selling products or offering services, the concept of a ‘breakeven analysis’ has probably crossed your radar. What does […]

Understanding the Small Business CGT 15-Year Exemption

Small Business CGT 15-Year Exemption

Introduction Have you ever found yourself drowning in the depths of tax legislation, specifically when it comes to the Capital Gains Tax (CGT)? For many small business owners like you, this intricate part of the tax world can seem like a maze filled with uncertainty and doubt. Perhaps you’re questioning what exemptions apply to your […]